everything else that you need to know

You already know how amazing Hawaii is, but here are some other things to know before going to Hawaii.

Hotels in Hawaii is great. It have really good view of the beaches and other areas like the woods. The food and drinks in Hawaii is fine but some of them are very tasty.

Hawaii's food consists of tropical fruits, seafood, beef and other type of meat.

Even though Hawaii is a tropical area, the tropical area changes due to the cimate and the season.

Hawaii is consists of 8 main islands and other smaller islands and islet. Every Hawaii island have their own specialty. Some islands have lots of pineapples and some island have heavy rain.

Every area of Hawaii is special and you should visit Hawaii once in a while. It is a great vacation spot and the tropical weather could be great for a winter getway!

Now you know a lot about Hawaii and why I would like to visit the place. If you like my ideas, you could also go visit Hawaii and have a great time there!