All of my work in Photoshop

This is my first work in Photoshop. Our teacher told us to replace a picture with another picture in this image. I replace the original image with the image of penguins.

This imagine is made from many other image. An image for the forhead, an image for the eyes, an image for the nose, an image for the mouth, and an imgae for the neck and chin.

This is the first photoshop artwork that I did by myself. It is about a computer working on a laptop; and the other monitor showing,"Hello" on the google screen.

Our teacher told us to get a person and open it's head to see what they are thinking. Inside the head, I added money, fame, and other things. The person That opened their head in this image is Bill Gates.

I made a movie poster about my friend Owen. This poster is about a movie called,"World War: Star." which is based on Starwars, as the titles have similar meanings. The movie talks about a revolution led by Owen to overthrow the current ruler. He suffered a major defeat, so this time, he have more tricks up his sleeves. That is what the movie is about.

In this image, a panda is looking through a mirror. The panda is in his/her bedroomlooking at into the mirror

The guy is looking at another guy.

This is green screen guy's adventure. He traveled to many different places including the tellitubbies' land and a giant explosion.

In this artwork, we used the masking tool to put a tiger's face on top of the model's face.

For this artwork, I put The famous astronaut, Neils Armstrong, fading in space. I used the masking tool and make the artwork more transparent.

In this artwork, we used the paint brush to make the photo look like a oily picture. The picture is a person and we use a specific type of brush setting to make the artwork look oily.

I made a old house and masked a new house on top of it. The house consist parts of the old and new house. Some places don't match but that is how to make a creepy feel to it. The left part of the house is mostly consist of the new house and the door is wide open. This is what I made in this picture.

This picture nis made when our teacher told us to work on things that other classmates haven't make. I found a tutorial to make an, "iced" effect on objects. I chose a random bottle and I started to make the iced effect. The bottle is very cold on the tip, so I made the top extra cold.

For this image, I found a tutorial to help me make this image. The tutorial is really detailed and really long. This artwork took me 3 days to finish. In this picture, the kid have some color explosions going on. The image is very colourful and it looks great.