Everything I Did on Mircosoft Word

This is a poster that our teacher told us to do. It have to contain the bottom strips and infomation about the object that you are doing. In my poster, I am tutoring kids from kindergarten to grade 7. You could look at the poster to get more infomation for the subject.

This is a calender for the month, April. In April, I encluded some holidays like Good Friday and Easter Monday. There are also other days like April Fools and earth days. This calender let me practice skills that I would need later on in life.

The next month for the calender is the month July. The calender of July have colors that relates to set season. The color blue, mean the upcome long days of summer and the green represent grass that would be very confortable to sit on. We need to search up actual calenders to learn the which day the month starts and end on.

August is the next month. The color on the calender was meant for beaches with sand and the sea. the month also have some wacky days for example, Watermelon Day. There is also "Tell a Joke Day," which sounds like what it means. My brithday is also in the month of August. The last special day in my calander of Auguest is the "Waffles Day," in which you eat waffles and be happy about it.

This is the last month of the calander, and the last month of the calander that I made. The colour of the calander is the red and green, just like the christmas colour. The December calander have some pretty basic holidays, for example, Christmas, Christmas eve, Boxing days, and New Year's Eve.

The Summary

These are the things I did on Microsoft Word. They are fun and interesting, even though there isn't a lot to show. The tutoring poster is the project that we learned how use Microsoft Word to help us do basic things and the basic function of set things. The calanders let us do research and put the research into the work that we are doing. In the calanders project, we need to research the day that the month starts and end on, the special and wacky holidays, and the layout of the calander itself. That is the summary for Microsoft Word.